Full-Service or "A La Carte"...
We've got you covered!


We're equally adept and comfortable whether responsible for planning the entire event, conference or trade show or taking on the management of specific pieces:
Producing the awards dinner, general sessions, offsite dinners/events, spouse & guest programs, transportation logistics, onsite staffing or managing the registration, housing & RSVP's.

Since 2001, DMM Group has planned Conferences for both companies and associations ranging in size from 250 to 10,000!


No matter what size group you need help with, you'll receive the personal attention you deserve.The overriding goal is to successfully meet the needs of your audience from the moment they arrive and give participants an unforgettable experience!I deliver programs on time and on budget that are polished!


For over 20 years, we've been involvemed in the hospitality and meetings industries and have earned the distinction of having well- developed and influential business relationships.We know exactly how to hone in on your specific requirements and guide you toward making the best decisions possible without compromising the integrity of the message, the quality of the work or the budget!


  • Budget Development & Contract Negotiations

  • Program Development & Speaker Management

  • Sponsorship Package Development

  • Sponsorship Management

  • Custom Website for Conference or Event

  • Internet and Print Marketing Material Design

  • Theming and Decor

  • Staging, Event Production & Scriptwriting

  • Transportation



Have a meeting, conference or event coming up and need help putting it all together?


Nobody knows the meetings business better than DMM! 


Our winning planning strategies assemble all the pieces together efficiently and cost-effectively!


While the goal of producing an event or a conference is to generate revenue through attendance, ticket sales and/or sponsor involvement, the underlying goal is bringing people together for a common purpose.


Whether planning a conference or a special event, we approach the process the same way with the client. Both rely on bringing people together for a common purpose and both require revenue generation/fundraising in order to be produced and successful!


CONFERENCE OR EVENT THEME: This doesn't necessarily have to be fancy or highly decorative but there does need to be an overlying message that guides the program.


WEBSITE: Even if your association already has a core website, you need to have a separate site (which you can link from the core site) that 100% focuses on all the pertinent information about the conference/event.

SPONSOR DEVELOPMENT: While the budget is being developed, Sponsor procurement (rates, packages) need to be decided upon.

SPONSOR MARKETING: An informative and eye-pleasing Sponsor prospectus is designed and distributed electronically. Follow up personal invitations are done by the planning committee or internal staff.

SPONSOR DELIVERABLES: I effectively collaborate with Sponsors as a liaison to decide how to best maximize a Sponsor's participation through marketing opportunities that increase exposure, generate good will in the relationship and demonstrate a sleek level of professionalism to your client.

Group DMM
A full service event planning division that’s passionate about
the power of events!

Virtual, Live (small)
or Hybrid!

Annual Galas, Luncheons, Workshops & Conferences, Donor Events, Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions.


I deliver expertly planned meetings, conferences, and both corporate & fundraising events that keep your audience leaning in and your stakeholders impressed.


Patty Stern

Meetings, events and conferences all have one thing in common: PEOPLE!

DMM Group Meeting & Event Concepts houses multiple divisions, each dedicated to expertly crafted  meetings, events, conferences, website design, and creative marketing.


I provide creative solutions with a full-service suite of services customized to accommodate each client's specific needs. I invite you to learn more about each company by visiting my websites.

Reach out and let's talk about the opportunity to work together soon.


Great communication leads to great results!

Successful communications require multiple platforms to keep your business "top of mind"!


I’m focused on helping clients position their business in the marketplace by providing agency-grade design work for website design, email campaigns, curating social media & designing marketing campaigns, video production, and digital/print marketing design.

My clients say, "Patty, work your magic" and that's just what I do!

Ladies Who Lunch NYC

Ladies Who Lunch NYC
The name says it all...and it’s all about fun in the city!

Conceptualized to entertain the spouses of executive level management who travel into New York City for conferences, this division also attracts local groups of ladies.


We’re tapped into the world of fashion, beauty, the arts, and of course, lunching at “tastemaker” restaurants.

No matter what the program includes, it's always first-class with VIP attention from start to finish.


My "passion project", started in April 2019 in honor of my mother Joan and after experiencing life-changing health issues. Glamorous at Heart started as a blog and has blossomed into producing workshops just for women 50 and over. (Because that's when life really gets interesting!)