OPERATIONS: Principal Liaison Coordinators
DMM will oversee the progress as the meeting develops and maintain the relationships to your exact qualifications:


Hotel Staff: We'll work closely to ensure room night, meeting space and food/beverage requirements are upheld.

Audio Visual Staff: We'll coordinate the communication between the A/V personnel, the hotel and any guest speakers to avoid surprises arising during the meeting.

Guest Speakers: As they generally arrive and depart in a short space of time, guest speakers generally require specific concentration. We'll develop communication between the guest speaker(s) and the A/V staff to ensure the proper equipment set up and ready to go on time and fully functioning. 

Senior and Executive-Level VIP's: This is one group you want to impress in an effortless manner!  For this selective grouping, we work directly with you and the hotel in order to effectively and respectfully meet their ever-changing need for distinctive and immediate attention.

Logistics: All the pieces must come together before the meeting for a smooth execution.  We carefully study separate pieces of the puzzle and bring them together for on-time efficiency and crowd control at all onsite meetings and off-site special event and activities.

Registration and Staffing: Attendees must always be able to find assuring personnel for assistance. We'll coordinate directly with the hotel for trouble-free check-in upon arrival and manage the registration desk with distribution of meeting materials and information.

Conference or Meeting Theme: Your overall objective is to conduct business during each meeting and make it a pleasurable experience for attendees, too! You may have a theme concept from the start or a theme may develop during the planning stages.  Either way, DMM will incorporate the theme into the meetings, functions and off-site events/activities.


We source it and then we manage it!

DMM Group is your primary liaison in to professionally represent and strategically coordinate all the components for the meeting, event, conference or trade show.

Conference and Event Logistics

DMM Group works with the hotel to ensure hotel room and meeting space allocations and/or concessions are confirmed and upheld in the best interest of the client. Additional responsibilities include coordination of the following:

  • Meeting/Function Rooms Setup/Flow for all Programming

  • Registration Area Flow and Safety Requirements

  • Audio-Visual Equipment and Technology Requirements

  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Needs (as applicable)

  • VIP guest speakers Pre-Key/Security Requirements

  • Staging and Management of Ground Transportation Requirements

  • F&B Confirmations/Counts/Folio Reports/Audit Room Night Pickups

  • Communications between Hotel Staff/Vendors


Special Event Planning and Management:

DMM Group provides proactive, knowledgeable planning and management that results in smooth, stress-free implementation.

  • Evaluate Objectives and Goals of Special Events

  • Work closely with the client to develop Program Content and Scheduling for each Special Event

  • Confirm and uphold Venue Requirements

  • Coordinate and manage Food and Beverage Requirements

  • Work with Vendors to coordinate and manage Décor, A/V, Staging, Rehearsals (as applicable)

  • Proactively communicate with and manage the needs of VIP guests and Speakers for their attendance at the Special Events

Group DMM
A full service event planning division that’s passionate about
the power of events!

Virtual, Live (small)
or Hybrid!

Annual Galas, Luncheons, Workshops & Conferences, Donor Events, Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions.


I deliver expertly planned meetings, conferences, and both corporate & fundraising events that keep your audience leaning in and your stakeholders impressed.


Patty Stern

Meetings, events and conferences all have one thing in common: PEOPLE!

DMM Group Meeting & Event Concepts houses multiple divisions, each dedicated to expertly crafted  meetings, events, conferences, website design, and creative marketing.


I provide creative solutions with a full-service suite of services customized to accommodate each client's specific needs. I invite you to learn more about each company by visiting my websites.

Reach out and let's talk about the opportunity to work together soon.


Great communication leads to great results!

Successful communications require multiple platforms to keep your business "top of mind"!


I’m focused on helping clients position their business in the marketplace by providing agency-grade design work for website design, email campaigns, curating social media & designing marketing campaigns, video production, and digital/print marketing design.

My clients say, "Patty, work your magic" and that's just what I do!

Ladies Who Lunch NYC

Ladies Who Lunch NYC
The name says it all...and it’s all about fun in the city!

Conceptualized to entertain the spouses of executive level management who travel into New York City for conferences, this division also attracts local groups of ladies.


We’re tapped into the world of fashion, beauty, the arts, and of course, lunching at “tastemaker” restaurants.

No matter what the program includes, it's always first-class with VIP attention from start to finish.


My "passion project", started in April 2019 in honor of my mother Joan and after experiencing life-changing health issues. Glamorous at Heart started as a blog and has blossomed into producing workshops just for women 50 and over. (Because that's when life really gets interesting!)