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When I began my career back in 1986, I had no idea how much of the work I was doing was actually event planning!

During my time at Passbook Clubs and then at Five Star Limousines, I had the honor of working with just about every major corporation you can think of. As a result, I'm highly adept at understanding (and respecting) internal politics and protocols that exist within corporations and associations. 


I focus on Meeting, Event and Conference Planning, which is perfect because I'm passionate about education and I love designing experiences where the participants are able to get a full experience of peer learning, networking, meeting new vendors and/or attending exciting themed events or an elegant awards dinner.

Educated at SMU in Dallas, Texas and then groomed professionally by my parents in business operations, the "old-school" style of doing business with integrity is firmly ingrained in how I approach every project I lead alongside my clients. But, I bring a very modern approach to the table, as well, with my advanced technology capabilities and masterful understanding of how to utilize social media as part of the marketing aspect of planning meetings, conferences, and events. 

Over the past 17 years, I've been able to successfully parlay my marketing intelligence into the meeting & event industries.

By investing time to be surrounded by the best in the industry, my strategic planning skills have been honed to perfection and enable me to produce programs using solution-based, creative ideas that are deployed with heart and purpose. 

My constant goal is to ensure the client's overall messaging is delivered powerfully, educational topics are purposeful and the event marketing yields the highest possible participation and/or revenue rate from attendees and sponsors!

Industry Awards
ILEA NJ North Chapter: President's Award 2017, International Communications Award 2016
MPI New Jersey Chapter: Planner of the Year 2015
MPI Greater New York Chapter: Chapter Manager of the Year 2009, Planner of the Year 2010

MPI D/FW Chapter: President's Award 2010, President's Award 2007, Planner of the Year 2002



DMM Group is a boutique planning and marketing firm that specializes in working with groups who require intelligently thought out programming and appreciate the attention we give to those small details that ultimately engage each guest and ensure positively memorable experiences. 

We’ve been serving the meeting and event industry since 1992, when we owned the premier transportation company in Dallas, Five Star Limousines. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, Celebrities, Dignitaries and Sports Teams and we were the exclusive carrier for Walker, Texas Ranger and The Dallas Mavericks. 


DMM Group is respected in the industry for strategic attention to detail, a professional demeanor and a contagious enthusiasm that generates buy-in and participation from everyone involved!  We don’t miss a beat and, in fact, strive to proactively stay one step ahead at all times and always have a plan B in place to ensure success at every turn. 


Our role is to objectively guide the planning and marketing before and during the course of the meeting, event or conference to ensure the messaging is powerful, timely and thrives long after the program is over!

Meetings, events and conferences all have one thing in common: PEOPLE!


DMM Group understands through experience that bringing people together for a purpose is powerful! Thus, our attention is always focused on planning with lots of HEART while never losing focus on the overall theme and goals!


We believe in people's desire to embrace every chance for face-to-face networking in adult learning environments.

The planning approach we take is strategic and we reflect on our own past experience to help you make informed decisions. 

The process begins with us asking insightful questions so we can best understand the dynamics of the audience being served and then respond accordingly with ideas and solutions. 


By investing time on the forefront to devise strategic planning, all the stages of development will operate more effectively and you'll experience less stress throughout the planning and more excitement by being in a position to  seize new opportunities that arise!

  • Our goal is to offer each client support service that exceeds expectations every time.

  • We'll develop an honest business relationship and encourage genuine feedback from our clients from the very first time we visit.

  • We'll procure only the highest quality of services and negotiate at the decision-making level to meet budgets without ever sacrificing the quality of a program.

  • We'll always represent the client in a most professional and respectful manner and adhere to any corporate policies set forth.

  • We'll be the most important source our client has by becoming part of the organization throughout the planning process.


We genuinely look forward to collaborating with you soon...

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